I am currently drunk so sorry for typos.

I went to a Japanese titty bar. I am unsure what the actual english name for it is, but you pay a flat ee for a certain amount of time, and girls come and talk to you, and if you're there at a certain time, for a "show", they take their tops off and go around the room sitting on your lap doing whatever. You can grope them and stuff. Obviously it was my first time.

What's funny is that, I am with three navy dudes, only one of them knows my "situation" and I only told him earlier that day. Everyone kept calling me "she" and I passed so well that the girls were confused, and asked why they kept calling me "she". I gave no answer, simply saying that I was entertained that they were confused, and finally the other sailers just said they called me "she" because "It's funny and she acts like a girl" and looks the youngest. So the girl assigned to me and one other thought for sure I was a dude, where as the girl to my other two friends was just left confused the entire time. Haha.

The girl... Rei... complimented my voice, looks, and during the show, some random girl sitting on my lap said my skin was soft. Everyone said I was kawaii (cute). LOL.
I had 5 shochu (kind of like.. Japanese vodka?) and I just came from that club so it is still in me. I don't know, I guess I am sort of confused. But I am happy everything kind of worked out how it did and they decided to "play along". Rei asked if my voice ever dropped... I said no, but told her my voice was deeper in Japanese and demonstrated... (I don't speak japanese very well) and she laughed...

End of our time, my friend got Rei's number but I didn't. Wtf? If I was so kawaiidesu then why didn't I get a number? My friend says because I didn't talk/grope enough...(You are allowed to touch the girls). I said I was confused. I didn't know what to talk about and I felt weird groping them... Though I did the first girl but I was obviously flustered and everyone could tell... Everyone was making fun of me because it was my first time...

I dunno... i kind of want to go again but kind of not...

I spent 10k yen there... Drank too much? lol. You buy the "escorts" drinks too at 1k yen a pop. Super expensive, I think... My riends are trying to convince me to get an escore when we go to Thailand... I am unsure.. Can't do anything sexual since I am still very cautious about my current "equipment" not being up to par... They are confused about my sexuality. I purposely keep it secret. They say they can get me a real life hermaphrodite.... Still unsure...
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